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5 Best Tips On Attracting The Right Person In Your Life According to Relationship Experts

We are all free to live a life as we want. We have a right to make relationships and live happily with them. However, some relationship decisions go wrong, and that’s not the end of our lives. Therefore, it’s essential to know who we are involved with. And how do we know that we’re making the right choices in our relationships?

Marcus / Pexels / Compatibility is an outcome of mutual understanding and trust.

You’re surrounded by all kinds of people in your life. From childhood to your adult life, you meet millions of people. But we frequently like to interact with those who aren’t judgmental and who make us comfortable. However, the right ones respect you for who you are. They understand your point of view and appreciate your presence. Nonetheless, if you’re wondering where these people are and find yourself alone in a crisis, then there is a high chance that you may get attracted to the wrong person.

Wrong Choices Lead To Loneliness And Toxicity

However, when we make the wrong choices, we ignore or set aside our needs for emotional support and a feeling of getting better in life. When we make the wrong choice, we often neglect our feelings, opinions, and thoughts and immediately keep fulfilling the partner’s or friend’s needs. It disturbs our mental peace. And therefore, we often feel loneliness, emotional exploitation, and toxicity.

Ron / Pexels / Understanding your demands and needs are crucial to finding the right person.

Experts say that the primary reason why we couldn’t be able to make the right choice. And often gets attracted to the wrong person is the lack of self-understanding. In this situation, a person couldn’t be able to realize his own needs, wants, and desires from people.
Nevertheless, once we identify what we want in our lives, we might also be able to figure out who’s playing with our emotions for their betterment and those supporting us through thick and thin.

Attracting Means Choosing Someone Or Something

Nedra Glover Tawwab (NYT Bestselling Author and Relationship & Boundaries Expert) asserts that when you’re choosing someone, it means that you’re attracted to them. However, she wants to change the word attraction into a choice. She further says that if you are attracted to a person that isn’t good for you. It means that you’re choosing a person who isn’t good for you. She wanted us to own our power for that.

Furthermore, she asserted that we could make different choices once we own our power. We don’t have to choose people who aren’t good for us. All kinds of people surround us. The ones who are good for us, choose them.

Tips To Make the Right Choice

Antoni / Pexels / Mutual understanding and chemistry are the fundamental qualities of ‘the right partner.’

The relationship expert, Nedra, suggests some points on how you can identify a suitable person for yourself:

  • Choosing qualities that are healthy for you.
  • Think twice before you make any decision.
  • Choosing qualities that are prolonged and stay longer.
  • Choosing qualities that you would have skipped in the past.
  • Choose something different from earlier.

Moreover, Nedra advised us that when you choose a person. And prioritize yourself by asking, why do you want that person in your life? If the reason is convenience or any other short-term purpose, you should think again and deeply.

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