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Why Ashton Kutcher Now Only Takes Acting Roles He Actually Wants

Ashton Kutcher, the charming actor who first stole our hearts in “That ’70s Show,” has become a well-known name in the tech industry for his successful investments through his fund A-Grade Investments.

With an impressive portfolio that includes names like Uber, Airbnb, Spotify, and Warby Parker, Kutcher’s tech investing career has transformed his professional journey in unexpected ways, thus giving him the freedom to choose the roles he truly wants to play.

In this article, we will take a closer look at how Kutcher’s tech investments have made a significant impact on his life and career.

Getty Images | Ashton Kutcher’s tech investments have made him so rich that he doesn’t take roles for money anymore.

Building a Successful Tech Empire

As an actor, Kutcher has always been interested in entrepreneurship and investing. In 2010, he co-founded A-Grade Investments, a venture fund focused on investing in early-stage technology startups.

The fund became highly successful quickly, and Kutcher became a sought-after investor within the tech industry. He leveraged his celebrity status to attract some of the best deals and investments for his fund, thus building a reputation for making intelligent bets on innovative ideas.

Growing His Wealth

Kutcher’s investments in companies like Uber, Spotify, Airbnb, and Warby Parker have turned out to be highly lucrative. He has made millions of dollars through his investments, putting him on Forbes’ list of top celebrity investors. This wealth has given Kutcher the financial freedom to pursue his passions, not just acting but also philanthropy and activism.

BBC | Ashton Kutcher, 45, is a tech enthusiast who co-founds A-Grade Investments.

Role Selection

For Kutcher, money is no longer the primary reason to choose a role. He became selective about his acting gigs after realizing that his tech investments have given him the financial freedom to work on projects he is passionate about.

For example, he took on the role of Steve Jobs in “Jobs” and the Netflix series “The Ranch” because he personally connected with the characters. He wants his work to be meaningful and purposeful, not just a paycheck.

Diversifying His Interests

Kutcher’s success in the tech world has opened new doors for him beyond acting. He has become a well-known activist and philanthropist, thus leveraging his platform and wealth to create initiatives that address social issues such as sex trafficking and disaster relief.

GTN | Ashton Kutcher’s tech investments continue to make him millions. And now, he is choosing roles of his own choice.

He co-founded Thorn, a non-profit organization that uses technology to combat the sexual exploitation of children. Thus, his efforts have earned him recognition for his impact on society and commitment to creating a better world.

Collaborations for Impact

Kutcher’s investments in technology have also brought new opportunities for collaborations. For instance, he has teamed up with influential tech leaders such as Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg to invest in promising startups and projects that aim to make a significant impact on the world.

These collaborations have allowed Kutcher to be part of something bigger and contribute to the greater good beyond himself. Thus, Kutcher’s investments in technology not only generated significant wealth. But also allowed him to redefine his career choices and focus on his passions. Today, he continues to be an influential figure in the tech industry and a driving force for change in society.

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