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Steve Harvey’s Financial Roller Coaster of a Divorce From Mary Lee Harvey

When we think of Steve Harvey, the charismatic entertainer with a million-dollar smile, we often picture luxury, grandeur, and a seemingly endless stream of income from his successful ventures in television, radio, and books. However, behind that laughter and those suits lay a financial story that would surprise many: One of loss, resilience, and recovery.

Here are all the details:

The Highs and Lows of Steve’s Wallet

Steve’s divorce from Mary Lee Harvey is among the most dramatic chapters in his life’s book. By the end of this marital fallout, Steve Harvey was reportedly left with just $1,700 in his bank account.

Steve / Insta / Steve Harvey tied the knot with Mary Lee in 1996 and the couple parted ways in 2005.


You read that right. This is not a typo. A man whose net worth, at his peak, reached the hundreds of millions was reduced to what many would consider a paltry sum.

The Cost of ‘Emotional Anguish’

Mary Lee Harvey’s claim was far from just a matter of dollars and cents. She wanted Steve to pay for the emotional anguish she had allegedly endured during their union. Divorce proceedings often reveal the deeply personal and intimate pains that a couple goes through. And in the case of public figures, these proceedings are magnified by media attention.

Mary Lee felt she deserved compensation for her suffering, and the court seemed to agree.

Interesting Tidbits From the Legal Drama

While the entire divorce was a significant event, some moments and details stood out more than others:

Steve / Insta / The millionaire TV host was left with only $1,700 in his bank account after his divorce from Mary Lee.


The Gag Order

Post-divorce, a gag order was placed on Mary Lee, preventing her from discussing the marriage’s details publicly. This move was presumably to protect both parties’ reputations. But it also gave rise to rampant speculation and rumors.

The Home Drama

Steve Harvey gained custody of their son, and Mary Lee was allegedly evicted from her house in Texas in 2011. The eviction and custody decision became hot topics of debate among fans and critics alike.

The Puzzling Financial Decline

The sheer drop in Steve’s finances post-divorce raised eyebrows. How could someone of his financial stature be reduced to such a state?

Mary Lee/ Insta / According to legal experts, Steve Harvey lost millions of dollars during the complex divorce procedures.

Experts pointed to the combined effects of alimony, lawyer fees, settlements, and other undisclosed financial liabilities.

Rising From the Ashes Once Again

Though the divorce was a significant financial hit, Steve Harvey’s story does not end with him being down and out. This low point seemed to serve as a springboard for his next ventures. Steve Harvey proved himself to be not just a talented entertainer. But also an astute businessman. He bounced back with incredible vigor.

The Steve Harvey we know today, with his top-rated talk show, best-selling books, and roles in hit movies, reclaimed his financial prowess. He has now seen not just as a success story in the world of entertainment. But also a testament to the power of resilience in the face of adversity.

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