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Prince William & Kate Almost Didn’t End up Getting Married Due to This Relationship Setback

Prince William and Kate Middleton have long been a good example of what people consider to be a great and steady couple. However, things weren’t always fine and dandy when it comes to their relationship. The future king and queen have notably faced a few setbacks during their earlier years together.

Long History

The couple has been together for 18 years

Their love story began when at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. They reportedly met in 2001 and after becoming friends, made their relationship official a year later. Perhaps because of their young age and Prince William’s status as a public figure, they initially faced some ups and downs. One of these is their brief breakup in 2004. Another was their second breakup in 2007.

According to sources, their last break came about due to a variety of reasons. Some say that the prince was feeling too much pressure to propose to Middleton as they have been together for years. But while the public was expecting an engagement announcement from the pair, they got news of their breakup instead.

Contributing Factor

Denis Makarenko/Shutterstock
Photographers made a habit of following Middleton’s moves in public

Another reason why Prince William decided to call it quits is because of the way the press was treating Middleton. The royal was put in a tough situation. Apparently, the royal family couldn’t pay for the future Duchess’ security costs as she wasn’t a member of the monarchy yet.

Meanwhile, the prince wasn’t ready to propose to her at the time. Some sources also say that Middleton told her then-boyfriend that a commitment to her would help her deal with the media attention on her.

This came at a time when the media was calling her ‘Waity Katie’. It’s worth noting though that he didn’t blame her for being vocal with her concerns. Still, it seems like he thought ending the relationship was the best choice regarding the situation.

Fortunately, he soon realized that he made a mistake.

Changing His Mind

Featureflash Photo Agency/Shutterstock
The couple’s wedding was viewed by millions of people in the world

Not even two months after, the prince decided to reach out to Middleton. They got back together soon. However, their engagement won’t come until three more years later as they announce their wedding in 2010. The couple officially tied the knot the following year.

Despite the occasional negative rumors about their marriage, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge seem to be only going strong. They now have built their own family and have three children together: Princes George and Louis, and Princess Charlotte.

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