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Billie Eilish Finally Reveals the REAL Reason Why She Has Worn Baggy Clothes for Years

Billie Eilish is without a doubt the biggest teen act in the music scene right now and she’s already accomplishing a lot of things. Aside from winning awards and setting records, the singer has effectively created a sort of ‘cool girl’ persona complete with baggy clothes and colorful hair.

With millions of young fans following her every move, the 18-year-old musician is working under a lot of pressure to not just continue producing music but also maintain her public image.

Body Image

Julio Enriquez/Wikimedia Commons
Eilish is often spotted wearing a combo of a baggy hoodie and loose pants

While Eilish’s fashion sense is well-admired by her fans, she recently made some revelations about why she chooses to wear the kind of clothes she does. Speaking to Dazed, she admitted that she opted to wear loose-fitting pieces even at the onset of her career because she hated her own body.

What more, the ‘Bad Guy’ singer emphasized that her personal style isn’t a way for her to distinguish herself from the kind of image associated with the female pop acts who became before her.

Since making her debut a couple of years back, Eilish has notably stayed consistent with her fashion choices and didn’t stray from her signature look too often. Among her most memorable outfits include a head-to-toe neon green outfit and a custom Chanel tweed suit. However, she laments not being able to recognize her body after years of hiding it behind clothes.

Coming to Terms

VOGUE Taiwan/Wikimedia Commons
One of the rare times Eilish wore fitted clothes

Fortunately, the teen star has made strides from this low point in the way she views her own body. Eilish says that she’s become a bit more comfortable in her own skin. She did say that she isn’t totally at a point where she likes her body. It’s just that she’s finally more okay with it now.

Similar to people her age, she still faces some insecurities. One of the issues she deals with to this day is the judgement from other people, especially on social media.

Unwinnable Situation

crommelincklars/Wikimedia Commons
Eilish once showed a video of her in her undergarments in a concert as a statement against body shaming

Eilish particularly pointed out one instance when she was photographed wearing a tank top that showed a bit more of her body than usual in mid-2019. She talked about seeing comments saying that they don’t like her anymore with some even accusing her of turning into somebody else when she turns 18.

She sees this predicament as an unwinnable one with people always having something to say whatever she does. Despite this though, Eilish has notably stood up against body-shamers and commented on how a woman is judged both for wearing too much and too little.

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