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Not Hearing Back From a Job? Here’s What You Can Do

It is by far one of the most aggravating aspects of job hunting – you send in your job application after carefully tailoring your resume and cover letter to match the specifics of the job description – and nothing happens. If you’re not hearing back from employers, know that you’re not alone.

When applying for jobs, it’s not uncommon to not hear back for weeks or even months, even if you have the necessary skills and abilities. At that point in the process, your resume may not even be considered. But what if you do get that callback, only to be met with silence after the interview? It’s stressful, but the good news is that silence does not always imply rejection. Here are the most common reasons for silence after interviews, as well as what to do if it occurs.

Nail those keywords

Glassdoor Team/ GETTY IMAGES | If you’re applying to jobs and not hearing back, here are some ways to work around the silence and help your resume get noticed

Rather than revising your resume for each new job you apply for, include a “Skills” section that you can swap out depending on the role. This allows recruiters (and ATSs) to quickly scan your skills while you use most of your resume to highlight your achievements. Having different versions that highlight different work experiences or education to emphasize specific aspects of your career can also be beneficial when targeting specific jobs.

Keep looking

Adobe Stock/ Paolese | When looking for jobs, it’s not uncommon to not hear back after applying

When someone has interviewed for a job, they may make the mistake of stopping or pausing their job search. They’re exhausted. The interviewing process was tense. They’re completely overwhelmed. However, keep in mind that an interview does not guarantee a job. Even if you believe the job you applied for is a perfect fit for you, if you haven’t been offered the position or begun negotiations to accept it, you should keep looking for and interviewing for other opportunities.

Other suitable positions may pass you by if you wait passively for a second interview. Continuing to apply keeps you busy because your mind is on something other than waiting, and it ensures you are not putting all of your eggs in one basket.

Engage your network

Picsart/ Pinterest | Ongoing silence is your cue to take charge of the process

Seek assistance from your professional and social networks. Find out if anyone in your network already works at the companies you want to work for. If you haven’t heard back about an application and are worried, it’s gone down the rabbit hole, and your connection may be able to help. Inquire with your contact if they are willing to share the name of the hiring manager. If you haven’t heard back from your application within a week or two, you should contact this person.

If you know someone who works at the company, let him or her know you applied for a position—your connection may be able to reach out to the hiring manager and nudge your application along.

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