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Melania Trump Is a First Lady Americans Have Never Seen Before–Here’s Why

 In a sense, the American public hasn’t seen the first lady like Melania Trump in a long time. Unlike her predecessors, she wasn’t born an American citizen and English isn’t her first language either.

To add to these, her actions have also been deemed by some as somewhat non-traditional garnering both praise and ire from the citizens she and her husband serve. It’s no surprise that people have taken a special interest in her, from her mysterious life as a Slovenian model to her current one as a first lady. Here’s a look back at her story…controversies and conspiracy theories included.

Former Model

mark reinstein/Shutterstock — Mrs. Trump reportedly learned to speak five languages while she was working as a model in Europe

The 50-year-old public figure was born Melania Knauss in Slovenia. This makes her one of the two first ladies who weren’t born on American soil. The other one is John Quincy Adams’ wife Louisa Catherine, who was born in England.

Using her good looks to her advantage, she embarked on a modeling career in her home country and eventually pursued work in New York City during the mid-90s.

During this time, friends of the first lady shared how she made it a point to stay out of the party lifestyle. Instead, she preferred to lead a healthy life eating a fruit diet and exercising.

Meeting Donald

Evan El-Amin/Shutterstock — The couple tied the knot in 2005 and welcomed a son, Barrron, a year later

Fortunately, it seems like she knew how to have some fun once in a while as she reportedly met her now-husband Donald during a party. She notably refused to give him her number in the beginning.

The former model eventually asked for the then business magnate’s instead and called him herself. About eight years after that night, the couple married in a star-studded wedding attended by the likes of former president Bill Clinton and former first lady Hillary.

Her marriage and the coming of her son soon after diverted Trump’s focus on caring for the boy, taking him to play sports and helping him with his homework.

Political Wife

Exposure Visuals/Shutterstock — The first lady constantly accompanies her husband on important trips and meetings

However, the decision of her husband to run for the nation’s highest office brought her back to the spotlight once again. And with that comes rumors and controversies.

One of the most notable scandals she was involved in is her alleged plagiarism of a speech given by her predecessor Michele Obama. But while that didn’t prevent Donald from winning the presidency, it would also be just the beginning of her difficult life as a first lady.

Soon, people were devising bizarre theories saying how she has been replaced by a body double as well as the Internet analyzing her ‘odd body language’. Her 20-day absence from the public eye in 2018 also led to speculations of her safety.

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