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Kanye West Is Now Claiming to Be a Multi-Billionaire but Forbes Disagrees

The entertainment industry doesn’t see a success story as interesting as that of rapper turned businessman Kanye West often. Growing up in the South Side of Chicago, he found fame and fortune as a critically-acclaimed musician in the 2000s only to see his wealth slip from his fingers.

In fact, he was even reportedly millions of dollars in debt at one point. West managed to bounce back though and he did so well various outlets are saying he’s finally reached billionaire status with some estimating his net worth to be over $3 billion.

Find out what assets make up the world’s richest rapper’s personal wealth.

Kanye’s Liabilities

Ken Gallager/English Wikipedia
West has been buying numerous real estate properties recently including ranches in Wyoming

Calculations of West’s net worth will include every detail of his finances like stock investments, real estate holdings, music catalog earnings, his fashion venture, liquid assets as well as liabilities.

Speaking of the last, some sources speculate that the 42-year-old musician has about $100 million in liabilities. This amount is made up of all his bank loans and mortgages.

It’s also worth noting that West was $53 million in debt just four years ago.

What Yeezy Is Worth

Cartmanstan42/Wikimedia Commons
West continues to take part in Yeezy’s operations and promotions constantly introducing new products to the market

It looks like the ‘Famous’ singer’s biggest moneymaker is his stake in his fashion brand Yeezy. The sneaker empire’s revenues within the past years alone are impressive enough.

It reportedly clocked in $864 million in 2018 and a whopping $1.5 billion just last year. That said, the near future is looking bright for Yeezy and West as the brand’s projected earnings the current year and the coming one is $1.7 billion (even with the coronavirus pandemic) and $2 billion, respectively.

West certainly enjoys his fair share of the fruits of this success. According to reports, he can expect to receive $214 million in annual royalties in 2020 alone.

Meanwhile, the entire brand’s valuation is currently pegged at a whopping $3.2 billion considering both terminal value and the present value of its royalties.

Net Worth Breakdown

Jtorquy/Wikimedia Commons
Kardashian’s wealth is comprised of her various businesses from a makeup line to a brand of shapewear

Other items that make up his net worth include his real estate holdings ($120 million), his music catalog ($80 million), and other assets not specified ($20 billion). Subtracting his liabilities, Celebrity Net Worth estimates that West is now $3.2 billion rich.

And that’s not even considering the wealth of his reality star wife Kim Kardashian yet. Combined, the power couple has a fortune of about $3.6 billion overtaking another extremely wealthy celebrity couple, Jay-Z and Beyonce, who only has $1.5 billion together.

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