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Iron Batteries Could Be The Next Long-Term Storage To Clean Up The Energy Grid

The issue surrounding climate change has urged scientists and policymakers to push the agenda of clean energy. Currently, the world uses fossil fuels as a means to meet the electricity demand. But, this increased usage of fossil fuel is showcasing the adverse effect on the environment, which is resulting in uncontrollable wildfires, destructive tsunamis, and killer heat waves that are affecting people across the globe. To undo the negative impact, the world is desperately looking for a way to combat climate change and reverse the damages that it has caused. Because of this, there is an increased focus on shifting to electricity from fuel. This is the reason why electric vehicles are being promoted, solar energy plans are being discussed, and limiting the use of fossil fuels is.

Last April, renewables broke the record for California’s main electric grid, and it was able to supply enough power to fulfill 94.5% of the demand. This was considered to be a significant milestone in the journey toward decarbonization. However, the question is: what happens when nightfall comes, and there is no solar energy to generate electricity from? This is where batteries come in, which present a long-lasting way to expand clean power.

Red/Pexels | This could mean that getting a solar energy system will be applicable

Meet ESS Inc.

ESS Inc. provides an energy storage system that is powered with the help of iron batteries. The company works to design, deploy, and build iron flow batteries that aid in storing clean energy, which is extracted from solar calls. ESS Inc. provides utility and commercial-scale energy storage applications that can last for hours ranging from 4 hours to 12 hours and provides its service worldwide. ESS Inc. develops iron batteries that are a cheap and sustainable method to store energy. According to Tech Review, iron batteries are considered to be one of the ten breakthroughs in technologies last year.

Kindel/Pexels | The market is ready for a clean and sustainable initiative like this

Why Is Solar Energy Important?

Solar energy serves as a sustainable and clean source of electricity, which can easily be extracted through solar energy cells, especially for countries that generally face hotter weather than the rest of the countries. Since these are the ones that have the most exposure to sunlight, they also tend to utilize more electricity. However, shifting to solar energy should be every state’s priority as the sun can easily provide enough electricity to meet the world’s electricity needs and is significantly safer than fossil fuel as there are no greenhouse gas emissions. The environment is not damaged due to it either. Unlike fossil fuel, solar energy is unlimited, and can be stored and used later.

Pixabay/Pexels | Sunlight is not only beneficial for health, but it is also great for generating electricity

The discovery of iron batteries for electricity storage opens the door to many more opportunities for the world of science to explore the unlimited possibilities present. This being one of the initial steps, it shows that the solar energy industry has excellent prospects and could lead a sustainable and clean energy revolution globally.

So, would you consider moving to solar energy? They are not only significantly cheaper but they are also easy to maintain and now, easier to store.

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