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Encourage Your Team Members To Embrace New Tech With These Tried & Tested Tips

As the world advances, new technology is introduced to help save time and increase productivity. Every now and then, you’d see your office install a new printing machine or a new cooling system – and while you might enjoy checking it out and even try learning about it, many of your coworkers might find it intimidating and difficult to get a hang of.

Pexels | Your coworkers don’t have any ill intentions but just happen to prefer doing their work the way they have been for the past few years

Whether you are a team member or leader, you need to help your colleagues get accustomed to using new technology when the time demands it. To help you further your knowledge, here are some key tips to stick to:

1. Introducing the Technology

Once you have new technology in your workplace, your goal should be to help your co-workers understand the significance and the need for this new technology. You have to show them how this new tech can save their time and make their work a little less stressful.

Pexels | Once you build familiarity, your team members will be more open to learning

2. Prepare Them Beforehand

Working with new technology can be intimidating and also leaves plenty of room for error since there’s not much information about it. So, to avoid any unwanted chaos, the best bet would be for you to involve your team members in the process of getting and then installing the new tech. It will also allow them to be mentally prepared for the big change.

3. Communicate Through It

Keeping an open channel of communication will help you understand how your team is dealing with the new change. When one of your team members visits you, be sure to ask them about how they’re coping. Ask them about the issues they are facing or whether they are enjoying the new change.

Pexels | Keeping the conversation open will give you proper feedback and allow you to make changes for your team members

Wrapping It Up

Remember to always be available and attentive to your team. You should be completely aware of the mechanics of the newly introduced tech so you can help your team better get a handle on it. Anytime you see someone struggling with it, your goal would be to guide them while reassuring them that their lack of knowledge about new technology will not affect their performance.

These simple tips can help your team members make a quick and easy transition from their previous mode of work to a more innovative workspace.

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