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Who Do You Think Should Be On The Top Of This List Of Retro Hollywood’s Not-So-Scandalous Scandals

If there is anything that the entertainment industry, especially Hollywood, has given the world, it’s entertainment and drama. Sometimes, this drama is welcomed, while at other times, it is treated like a lump in the throat, and you can’t blame them for it. Hollywood is notoriously famous for having a dark side as well, which consists of lawsuits, drugs, murder, and even hauntings. Yes, Hollywood has seen it all, which is why studio executives have to tread very carefully when they are finalizing a deal with a celebrity for their projects. While the world has seen Hollywood stars such as Lana Turner get caught up in the death of her boyfriend or Johnny Stompanato get stabbed by his daughter after a heated argument, or Mary Astor’s famous purple diaries, some scandals would be considered tame compared to these.

So, If you are eager to know more about these less-intense scandals, then keep on reading as this list will talk about some of the not-so-scandalous scandals of Old Hollywood.


1. Maureen O’Hara Was Caught Kissing

You might find it strange that gossip surrounding Maureen’s make-out session brought in so much negative attention since, nowadays, celebrities are often photographed locking lips with their partners. However, back in the day, it was a big deal! O’Hara, the star of “Miracle on 34th Street” and “The Quiet Man,” was brutally dragged after she was seen kissing a man while in the audience of Grauman’s Chinese Theater in 1953. The actress then took action against the libel and filed a lawsuit against the magazine ‘Confidential.’


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2. Robert Mitchum Arrested For Possession Of Drugs

Robert Mitchum, known for his roles in the films Cape Fear and Night of the Hunter, was present at a friend’s private home when the police barged in and arrested Mitchum for drug possession alongside the homeowner, Lila Leeds. This news spread like wildfire across the states, and fans were shocked to find their idol in hot waters. It was reported that the Police were actively watching the movement of Robert Mitchum for almost months in hopes of getting their hands on a high-profile arrest.

But Robert didn’t get off easy, he was sentenced to a year in prison, which was later reduced to 2 months with probation. Mitchum went on to serve his sentence on the prison farm, where he milked cows and made cement blocks.

3. Ingrid Bergman’s Affair

Ingrid Bergman lit all the news outlets on fire after it was reported that she was leaving her husband to continue her relationship with Italian Director Roberto Rossellini. This would be just as surprising for today’s world, but the hype around it would eventually die down after a few months. However, for Bergman, it unleashed a hell, which consisted of movie theatres refusing to show her films and talk shows avoiding her from an interview. She was even condemned in the U.S. Senate. Magazines, telegrams, and fan mail soon started pouring in, which did not contain praises. It was full of shaming and threats towards the actress. Bergman offered a formal apology after 22 years since her marriage to Rossellini only lasted seven years.

This is what Hollywood is known for; drama, scandal, and a lot of gossips.


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