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The Queen Wasn’t Sure About Kate Before Her Marriage to William, But Here’s How She Won Her Over

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge is among the most active and well-liked members of the British royal family today. That’s why it might be hard to believe that she almost never got to be a part of the monarchy at all.

Not-So-Royal Upbringing

The young couple during their college years

Looking back on the stories of older royal couples, senior members of the family tended to marry other blue bloods or members of the aristocracy. This is the case with Queen Elizabeth, who wed Prince Philip, a descendant of Greek and Danish royalty, and Prince Charles, whose first wife is Princess Diana, a member of British nobility. Although her own family is wealthy, Middleton was born and raised as a commoner.

This didn’t stop Prince William from falling for her though. The two reportedly met while they were both students at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. Despite their massively different upbringing and social circle, they ended up becoming fast friends and eventually, college sweethearts. According to sources, the then-young prince realized his feelings for Middleton after seeing her in a fashion show at the university.

The Queen’s Doubts

Middleton was frequently photographed by paparazzi going to and from parties during her 20s

Unfortunately, the couple faced a lot of challenges before tying the knot. Prince William’s grandmother, the Queen, reportedly had doubts about Middleton, especially her work ethic.

According to Katie Nicholl, a royal expert, Queen Elizabeth was quite unimpressed with the young woman’s accomplishments after graduating from college.

Middleton allegedly didn’t have a job at the time so the Queen ordered her to find work and try to find her own identity as an individual before getting engaged to her grandson. This might have played a huge part in the future king’s hesitance in proposing to his then-longtime girlfriend.

Middleton notably worked at the fashion chain Jigsaw as an assistant accessories buyer. She also worked for her parents’ party planning business, Party Pieces, where she launched a brand called ‘First Birthdays’. After the Queen came around, Middleton was then reportedly made to take lessons on being a ‘royal wife’ after she and Prince William got engaged in 2010.

Coming Far

Middleton now has her own set of patronages and makes public appearances on behalf of the crown

A decade later, the Duchess of Cambridge seems to have come a long way from where she began. Now a mother, the 38-year-old balances motherhood with her duties as a wife and as a senior working member of the royal family.

According to surveys, Middleton currently has an approval rating of 64% from the public making her the third most well-liked royal. In the end, it looks like all her lessons and preparation paid off.

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