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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Were Once Optimistic about Their Royal Journey – Here’s What Went Wrong

Remember the good old days when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were all smiles in their first photoshoot for the announcement of their engagement? Their interview was filled with sweetness and hope, hinting that the future looked bright for the then-soon-to-be husband-and-wife — that was in 2017.

Now, you will rarely see them with the rest of the royal clan after making one of the biggest and most controversial decisions of their lives. In the process, they earned naysayers and haters who can’t help but point out how the couple disrupted the norm.

Their image now is a far cry from their first interview: they were once ecstatic to face the camera, seemingly telling the public that they were excited to move on to the next chapter of their lives, but now, they are doing everything they can to hide away from the public.

A positive Prince Harry said in an interview that the former Suits actress will be unbelievably good in her royal duties. The picture of confidence eventually waned down, what gives?

For the avid fans of the family, they exactly know when the crack started – even before the highly awaited nuptials. Prince William allegedly felt that Meghan and his younger brother were rushing things, a rumor which gave birth to the longstanding feud between the two couples.

Prince William allegedly felt his brother was rushing things

In a more recent interview, the Duke of Cambridge admitted that he and his sibling were not on the same page, which may have been a confirmation of their heavily speculated beef. Apart from that, other malicious rumors have never been verified.

One speculation is that Kate Middleton became irritated that Meghan is hogging the spotlight as the newest member of the royal family. Others, meanwhile, speculated that the Duke of Cambridge didn’t want the American actress for his brother.

Kate Middleton and Meghan have been pitted against each other

The supposed drama within the family was enough to make their supporters go ga-ga and was the reason the royal clan was placed under the microscope. This is borne out of tabloids’ obsession with them.

A lot of people spoke ill about Meghan to the point that the royal family had to take steps to curb the intense cyberbullying. Despite her impressive accomplishments, the news always has something bad to say about her.

The Sussexes left the royal family after years of bullying

It remains unclear what really made the Sussexes step away from their senior roles but we can just assume the excessive negative attention and the constant hate toward Meghan were enough to drive the couple to that decision. They thought that leaving the powerful clan could bring back a hint of normalcy into their lives but until now, they are still receiving an overwhelming press obsession.

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