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Move Aside Tom Cruise – Kate Winslet’s The New Breath-Holding Record Holder

Hollywood is a world full of all kinds of talents. From great singers to great actors, you are bound to find the best of the best in Hollywood – even when it comes to a talent as unusual and bizarre as holding your breath.

For most people, holding their breath underwater for around a minute can be a challenge, but Kate Winslet stole the show after she broke Tom Cruise’s impressive record.


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Breaking Records

This happened when Winslet was filmingAvatar: The Way of Water.’ The actress held her breath for 7 minutes and 47 seconds, as reported by People’s Magazine. The “Titanic” star spoke about the extensive three-month-long training in an interview with USA Today.

She recalled the moment when she had found out that she had broken Cruise’s record (which happened to be 6 minutes!) while the actor was filming for “Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation” in 2015. Though Tom Cruise hasn’t reached out to Kate Winslet yet, that didn’t stop her from poking fun at the “Mission Impossible” hero.


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No Word From Cruise

She commented on the situation, stating that she doesn’t personally know Tom Cruise since she has never met him, but she acknowledges that he might be getting really bored with hearing about how she broke his record. However, Winslet did not shy away from giving herself a pat on the back. The actress continued mentioning that she was very pleased with her performance and shocked by her progress with holding her breath underwater. 

A Supportive Partner 

She also gave a shout-out to her husband, Edward Abel Smith, who helped her practice holding her breath underwater. She added that her husband is a fit and healthy individual who is capable of great things. Winslet’s husband took the initiative to train with her to ensure that she is practicing safety measures for when the instructor wasn’t available.

She continued and added that holding your breath underwater isn’t something you can do by yourself, and you definitely need the extra help. Kate Winslet added that holding your breath underwater is not something ordinary; in fact, it is a skill, a sport that your body has to adjust with.

Co-Stars Are Impressed

Even Kate Winslet’s co-stars in the Avatar film were elated to hear about the news. Sigourney Weaver commented that she was really happy to hear that Kate Winslet broke the record since she and her husband can hold their breaths for around 6 minutes and 30 seconds, which was considered to be an impressive time not only for them but for their teacher, Kirk Krack, who happens for be an instructor for the Navy SEALS. So, for Kate Winslet to go beyond that must mean that she has really outdone herself and all her peers as well.

Kate Winslet is an amazing actress (everyone knows that!) but did people know about her amazing breath-holding skills?

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