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Margot Robbie Is Grateful To Neighbors For Her Big Break In Hollywood

If there is any artist who shot to fame quickly and maintained their credibility, it is Margot Robbie! Many people may know her from her iconic portrayal of Harley Quinn in the DC Comics “Suicide Squad,” but there is a lot more to Robbie than just that one role. Her fan base is split over which role Robbie played the best; some fans claim that Margot Robbie’s best was Naomi Lapaglia from “The Wolf of Wall Street,” while others say that Jane Porter from “The Legend of Tarzan” tops the list.

However, according to Starlet, she believes that the project that really kick-started her acting career was the role of Donna Freedman in the Australian television series “Neighbours.” This may come to many as a shocker, but Robbie is eternally grateful for being a part of this project.

Paramount Picture | You might have your favorite Margot character, but Margot prefers another

If you want to know more about what the actress has to say about it, then keep on reading.

The Beginning Of Margot Robbie’s Career

The 32-year-old started her career when she took on the role of Donna Freedman and continued to play it from 2008 to 2011. Despite departing from the television series in 2011, she made an appearance in the show’s finale, which aired this Friday. While she could not fly back to Australia and had to get her parts filmed in Los Angeles, she joined in on the celebration, sent 37 bottles of champagne to the Melbourne set, and mentioned that the finale was the end of an era.

In an interview with The Sun on Sunday, Hollywood’s highest-paid actress mentioned that she is extremely grateful to “Neighbours,” the show, and she owes so much to it. Robbie also stated that there are so many other artists like her who have gotten their big break, all thanks to the Australian television show! She added that working on “Neighbours” gave her more than just a big break; it allowed her to perfect her acting ability. 

Paul Deetman/Pexels | It was perfect training for Hollywood.

The Neighbors Finale

The finale, which was aired on Friday, was also an amazing reunion for the “Neighbours” cast as Margot Robbie was accompanied by famous names like Kylie Minogue, Holly Valance, Natalie Imbruglia, and Guy Pearce, who all were a part of the television show that has 9000 episodes.

From Australia To London To The US

Margot Robbie, initially, did not realize how big the show was until she moved to London. While living in London, she mentioned that many fans of the show “Neighbours” would stop her on the way to tell her how much they loved the show. This made Robbie realize that the project was much bigger than she thought. Today, Margot Robbie resides in the United States of America with her husband, Tom Ackerley, and she continues to do what she loves doing.

Martin/Pexels | The Queen is definitely here to stay

Margot Robbie is the perfect example of you’ve got to start somewhere.

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