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Justin Timberlake Gets Slammed by Parents on Twitter… and They Actually Have a Point

Being stuck at home for long periods of time is becoming more and more of a challenge for many people as the nationwide lockdown enters its fourth week. Celebrities are no different from regular people in this regard.

However, famous and wealthy people airing their complaints on social media and interviews aren’t received as well by the public these days. And singer Justin Timberlake learned this the hard way.

Parenting Woes

Timberlake with his son, Silas

The 39-year-old father of one recently shared about his family’s domestic life amidst the coronavirus pandemic during a recent appearance on ‘The Morning Mash Up’ at SiriusXM. Timberlake told the show’s host about how he thinks that parenting for 24-hours is ‘just not human’.

He even went as far as to share that both he and his five-year-old Silas would need a break from each other. The family-of-three, which includes Timberlake’s wife, actress Jessica Biel, is currently passing the quarantine in one of their homes in Montana.

While the ‘Trolls’ actor seemed to just be making a joke of an otherwise unideal situation, netizens didn’t take his sentiments too lightly. They were quick to call out the star and point out just how ‘tone-deaf’ his comments were considering the times they were made in.

Twitter Backlash

Both Timberlake and Biel received criticism from netizens

Several Twitter users demonstrated how privileged Timberlake and his wife are by telling stories of their own struggles during the ongoing health crisis.

Some immediately called him out arguing that he has more time and resources compared to parents who are still working despite the danger of doing so. There were also those who jokingly welcomed the couple into ‘real parenthood’ as they pointed out that being a mother or a father is a 24-hour thing.

The fact that the family chose to relocate to a more rural area also didn’t escape the public’s attention. Timberlake’s move is part of a trend of other wealthy people escaping centers like Los Angeles and New York City to spend the quarantine elsewhere. These actions have been advised against as they could bring the contagious coronavirus to areas that aren’t as equipped to handle an outbreak in their community.

The family is reportedly staying at a ski ranch in Montana

Netizens called out the ‘Cry Me A River’ singer for complaining despite being reportedly camped up at the Yellowstone Club, which is among the world’s most exclusive pieces of real estate. The 15,200-acre private residential community comes complete with luxury facilities.

Timberlake has yet to respond to the backlash he got.

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