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How Pippa Middleton Became Instrumental in Kate Middleton and Prince William’s 2007 Reconciliation

Breakups can be hard to process, which is why it is important for our trusty family to be always there to support us at this trying time. This was how Kate Middleton had gotten through a painful breakup with Prince William long before they got married – through the help of her sister Pippa Middleton.

Kate and Prince William’s relationship was definitely imperfect, especially during the earlier part of their life, although it doesn’t look like it now. Both of them attended the University of St. Andrews, which was where they first met.

Despite being in the same college, they didn’t instantly hit it off. It was reportedly because of a school fashion show that made Prince William notice the stunner.

As with young love, things seemed unorganized and complicated, which is why the first breakup of the couple in 2004 was quite expected. Later on, Kate and the royalty got back together and graduated in 2005.

While the public thought that their connection was growing deeper, the opposite was actually happening. This was aggravated when Prince William backed out at the last minute on a trip to Kate’s hometown.

To make matters worse, he was assigned away from his girlfriend in the following year. The fact that they didn’t see each other so much was enough to break what they had.

Pippa saved the day by moving in with her sister

As soon as things fell apart between the former love birds, Kate went to Ireland for a short trip, probably to get things off her mind. When she came back, Pippa rushed to her side and moved in with her in Chelsea.

It was sweet for the younger Middleton to stay with Kate at the time because living alone can bring back her memories with the prince. Indeed, Pippa was effective in distracting her sister – she would nudge her sibling to go out.

Kate and Pippa partied together

In their night-outs, Kate donned relatively more revealing clothes than what she used to wear. Her new status as single eventually became a magnet that attracted paparazzi.

Photos, which seemed to prove that his ex was living the life without him, got to Prince William. Because of this, he regretted separating ways with Kate.

Prince William realized his mistake and got back with his ex

Four months later, Kate and Prince William rekindled their love and this time, they took their time. It wasn’t until 2011 before they tied the knot in a highly publicized ceremony.

It is unclear if Pippa had planned this all along just for Prince William to notice that he was wrong in letting go of Kate but she was instrumental in bringing them back together.

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