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Want to Own this Rare Porsche and Support a Special Charity? Here’s How You Can Do Both

Both public and private entities have been pitching in to lend a helping hand when it comes to dealing with the coronavirus pandemic and they’ve done so through some creative ways.

The German automobile manufacturer Porsche is among those that have raised resources to put towards relief efforts and the fight against the virus.

Charity Auction

The Porsche sports car comes painted in GT Silver Metallic

One of the company’s notable efforts is teaming up with RM Sotheby’s for an auction for the benefit of a fund dedicated to COVID-19 relief.

The duo is seeking to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars by auctioning off a rare Porsche 911 Speedster. The car is reportedly one of the 1,948 manufactured by the automaker.

The sports car came straight from Germany and was transported to Southern California for bidding. According to Porsche President Klaus Zellmer, this move is significant for the company as they would usually choose to give such a historically relevant car to a special customer or keep it in their museum.

Instead, the company is auctioning off the car and directing proceeds from the sale to United Way’s response and recovery fund for the coronavirus.

Various Efforts

The nonprofit organization has a network of 1,200 offices across the country

Meanwhile, United Way said that they would be spending the money to fund their 211 nonemergency services hotline and in helping vulnerable groups through financial and social assistance.

Aside from the auction, Porsche’s North American employees are contributing to relief efforts by delivering meals to Atlanta students. The meals would help these young people as they deal with the closure of their schools due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Zellmer also shared how Porsche executives thought of doing an auction to be of help. In the end, they decided that it would be both rewarding and powerful for the renowned car manufacturer to sell one of its treasures.

Bidding Expectations

Zellmer says that they would be happy if the car sells for more than its original six-figure price tag

According to sources, the bidding for the Porsche 911 Speedster would begin at $50. And since the car is unique, RM Sotheby’s car specialist Ramsey Potts expects that it will attract a big group of car enthusiasts.

The vehicle is reportedly special as it is a ‘street-legal race car derived from the GT3’. It features a 4-liter flat-six engine that produces about 502 horsepower.

The car to be auctioned is pretty brand new only has 20 miles on the odometer. Porsche has been making the Speedster since the early ‘50s.

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