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Meghan Markle Vs. the Tabloids: How Things Went from Bad to Worse for the Former Duchess

Meghan Markle received a lot of attention, both positive and negative, from the media. Even before they officially came out with their relationship, the press has been on Markle and her now-husband Prince Harry’s tails documenting every move they make in the public eye. What most people don’t know though is just how far reporters and photographers went to score a story out of the former senior royal.

Comes with the Job

Photographers would often stake out Middleton’s door and wait for her to come out of her home

In contrast to the desire of the media to make the couple’s life public, Prince Harry and Markle have long battled to keep the former actress’s privacy from the beginning. Sources say that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex began dating somewhere around 2016. Eventually, rumors about how the British prince is romantically linked to an American came out and Markle’s world was never the same again.

It’s worth noting that the media attention she got and continues to get is akin to what other royal women have experienced in the past years. Kate Middleton was notably sought after by paparazzi during the time of her courtship with Prince William. Of course, there’s also the cautionary tale of Prince Harry’s own mother Princess Diana. The late royal’s story ended tragically as she died in a car accident while being reportedly chased by members of the press.

Life-Changing Decision

Although Markle also received positive attention thanks to her fashion choices, the negative attention outweighed this

Considering these past instances, it isn’t surprising that the British media’s rather poor treatment of Markle had an effect on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s decision to leave the family. Four years of coverage have seemingly culminated in the press compromising her standing with the public, what with the constant string of negative stories being written about her.

And now that the couple has their own son, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, they are seeking to give him a private life as much as possible. This further cemented their will to strike it out on their own terms.

Going Too Far

The home Markle once rented in Canada

That said Prince Harry and Markle probably don’t want a repeat of a past incident to happen again. According to reports, the former ‘Suits’ star had a taste of how bad the press can get back when she was just dating her now-husband. A photographer broke into her former home in Toronto, Canada in an attempt to get photos and stories for the media. While the incident was immediately handled by the police, it still sent a message to the actress that being with royalty won’t be easy. And she soon realized this as she married Prince Harry.

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