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5 Common Career Tips That You Should Ignore

Taking the right decision at the right time in the career will bring peace of mind in the future. There is no particular way that you could get the right career advice – it will come to you in any way. It will enlighten your mind and your path toward your dream career. Those that have already achieved success in their career have the wisdom to share that aspiring entrepreneurs like us can take learning and inspiration from. 

However, you should keep in mind that this advice and suggestions are unsolicited. Even one bad judgment call can derail your entire career if you are not careful. To help you keep an eye out for such advice, here is some bad professional advice that you should always ignore:

“Find passion, and money will follow you” 

Andrea Piacquadio/ Pexels | Today’s career requirements are highly developed and require much more than someone who won’t take risks


While it is a good step in your professional career to work for passion, the market pays only for what it needs and what you can deliver it. The initial phases of any career are always tough, but as you keep learning and delivering, you become an expert in your domain. With expertise and growing responsibilities, you will find greater job satisfaction and a passion for making a positive contribution. 

“Take the job with the highest pay.” 

Money truly doesn’t buy happiness, and it may indicate a job with high risks or poor work-life balance. A consultant’s salary might seem high, for example, but will you really enjoy your extra income if you wind up stuck on business trips for weeks at a time? Remember, no one benefits if you’re in a job you dislike or don’t fit into.

“Strictly stick to do as you are told to”

Cottonbro/ Pexels | Professional success is important to most of us


Personality development is very important in all fields. Develop a habit of expressing your thoughts on different issues because your thought process is shown in your personality. It will make you mature to understand others’ thinking and behavior. You will start observing people who give you advice and, as a consequence, understand whose advice you should follow.

“Never say no.”

It’s important to be helpful around the office, but if you overload yourself, you’ll burn out and fail to perform well. And that’s much, much worse than simply saying no in the first place. Instead, say yes carefully and gently say no to anything that’s too much.

“Leave everything to fate” 

Mentatdgt/ Pexels | Be honest with yourself and take time to know your strengths and weaknesses


People waste their time thinking that they will get what would be in their fate, but fate supports those who support themselves. Support yourself by setting an aim for a career. Making an aim is a process, don’t be encouraged by your emotions, be practical, calm your mind, think yourself, and talk to yourself. Time always has something for everyone, you just have to find your interest. Aiming high is never a bad thing, And turning it into short goals is a good idea. Small things together make a large one. The small achievement will keep you motivated and active.

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