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Virtual Dating Secrets That Can Turn Any Online Connection to a Real Life Relationship

There are many aspects of a person’s life that have been affected by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Many have already postponed their wedding and called off already planned vacations for the latter part of the year as the virus continues to devastate the world. There’s one thing even the coronavirus can’t stop though: people looking for love.

Thanks to technology, the single population can continue to date without needing to leave the comfort of their own homes and breaking social distancing guidelines. Reports say that dating apps like Tinder and Bumble have already seen a significant increase in user activity since the start of the nationwide lockdown. That said, here are some tips both online dating newbies and veterans would find useful on their quest to find ‘the one’.

Virtual Dating Etiquette

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Plan for a date ahead and talk about what activities you can do together over video chat to prepare

Just like in-person dating, seeing someone over the Internet comes with unspoken rules. According to dating experts, it’s important to put some effort into planning virtual dates just as one would with a physical one. People are particularly advised against randomly dropping in on someone they’ve been exchanging messages with over FaceTime. Always initiate a conversation bringing up the topic of video chat dating first and properly agree on the day and time of the date.

Mistakes to Avoid

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Having a good Wi-Fi connection ensures good video and audio quality for your date

After planning a video chat date, it’s now time to do one’s best to make a good first impression on their potential romantic partner. This includes choosing an appropriate place to settle in for the date. Some of the most common mistakes people make is picking a noisy or crowded space or one with a spotty Wi-Fi connection. Those who live with other people, whether it’s roommates or family, may also have a problem getting some privacy when speaking with the person they’re interested in. In such cases, it might be convenient to schedule virtual dates when one heads out for a walk.

Shifting to In-Person Dating

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Don’t forget to have some interesting questions and topics ready for your date

The good news that experts say that an online relationship can successfully turn into a real-world one. Of course, transitioning from one to the other would require effort from both parties. The first in-person date would certainly be a crucial one in ushering in a relationship so people should make sure to make the necessary preparations ahead. In the event of the lockdown’s lifting, start by picking a restaurant or activity that both parties will enjoy.

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