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These Are the Movies You Should be Watching to Kill Quarantine Boredom

It’s hard to keep your sanity in the confines of your home during this time of the pandemic outbreak. However, this is the smallest problem we have to face and is, in fact, one of our greatest contributions to the efforts of health authorities – plus, this is the perfect time to know that being solitary isn’t all that bad, just look at these lone wolves in the films that you can watch now that you have so much time in your hands:

I Am Legend

It’s a long shot to say we’re about to have an apocalypse but there’s nothing to keep our hearts racing nowadays than a good old post-apocalyptic film. Will Smith’s I Am Legend revolves around his character Robert Neville and his dog Sam, who, for some reason, survived the plague that wiped out almost the entire human race.

The actor’s performance was so on-point that it will make you wonder what you will do on empty New York streets. At this time of the pandemic, it will make you realize that you don’t really need to go out that much, sans for a short grocery run, as long as you have your very own pet with you.

Cast Away

Who hasn’t watched Tom Hanks’ classic starrer Cast Away? It narrates how Chuck Noland, the only survivor of a plane crash, managed to stay alive on a deserted island, relying on what he can find on it.

Cast Away is one of Tom Hanks’ classic films

Ironically, to keep his sanity, he found a friend in a volleyball, which he named Wilson. It was a race against time and eventually, Chuck built his raft as an attempt to set sail and hopefully find help.

Cast Away can help you realize the things that matter more now that you are essentially isolated from the rest of the world.

Home Alone

It’s not Christmas but Home Alone is a timely film if we think about our current situation. Kids and child-at-heart viewers will be delighted to watch this picture starring Macaulay Culkin as Kevin who is unintentionally left by his family during a trip.

One of the most favorite holiday films is Home Alone

This comedy film will definitely brighten your day with Kevin’s own adventures and tactics to beat the bad guys who want to steal from their home.


If you’re more into mystery films and cool editing, then Searching is a lone wolf film that will keep you on the edge of your seat. This movie stars John Cho who played David Kim, a single dad who lost his only daughter.

Searching is about a dad who is looking for his teenage daughter

One amazing thing about this movie is that it makes you feel like you’re watching through the different platforms David is using to find his child. Another one is that it is sort of a puzzle a la Sherlock Holmes.

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