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Taylor Swift is on a Secret Quarantine Mission, Here’s What Her Lockdown Routine Looks Like

Having a lot more free time on their hands than they normally do, it seems like people have been spending the coronavirus lockdowns either being as lazy as possible or using it to do some productive things.

But pop star Taylor Swift has mastered her own daily routine to make time for both. These are some of the activities she’s been up to in the past weeks.

Routine Glimpse

Swift with her cat, Benjamin

With her concert schedule canceled and the world at a standstill, the celebrity has finally enough leisure time to spend on the things she loves doing.

Among these is playing with her three pet cats: Benjamin, Meredith, and Olivia. She’s been giving her fans glimpses of what her life is like these days being a cat-mom to her small brood.

Back in March, she posted about how her pet Meredith treats the quarantine as a way of life on her Instagram. The 30-year-old singer even joked about how others should have the same mindset.

It’s still unclear where the hitmaker is self-isolating and who she’s spending it with. The star has the pick of any of her many homes across the United States or with her current boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, who lives in London.

Movie Marathons

‘Rear Window’ tells the story of a photographer trapped in his home as he recovers from an injury

Proof that Swift is just like the rest of the non-celebrity self-quarantining population is that she also spends her downtime drinking wine and watching some movies.

Right now, the artist says she’s been enjoying Alfred Hitchcock’s films. As she shared in an interview, she likes going back to see old flicks she hasn’t seen yet as most people are binge-watching television.

She even recommended people watch the thriller ‘Rear Window’ saying that the late actress Grace Kelly stars in it. Of course, the film is also one of Hitchcock’s masterpieces.

Helping Out Fans

Swift is known for being generous to her fans and even interacts personally with them on Tumblr

In between all of these relaxing activities, Swift has found the time to give back to her fans and other people as well. She admits that she’s been online figuring out ways to help amidst the pandemic.

The ‘Shake It Off’ singer also expressed her admiration for emergency and healthcare workers who continue to risk their well-being everyday to continue working.

She’s notably sent thousands of dollars to some Swifties on Tumblr after seeing their posts on struggling during the coronavirus lockdowns. Swift has reportedly helped four fans deal with their financial problems due job loss and pending bills.

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