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Harry and Meghan Get a Final Send off Prank from Trolls Who Did This to Their New Website

It looks like people are really determined to not let Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have an easy exit. As the couple begins to rebuild their life together outside the United Kingdom and its monarchy, cyber attackers pulled a prank on their new non-profit organization’s website.

Attack on Archewell

Trolls chose a Kanye West video to redirect the web page to

According to sources, the web address, which was assumed to be for their non-profit Archewell, was set up to redirect its traffic to a music video of Kanye West and Jamie Foxx’s song titled, ‘Gold Digger’.

While the issue seems to have been eventually resolved, typing in ‘’ on the ‘Wayback Machine’ shows how the page appeared on April 8 and confirms that it did redirect people to the song’s YouTube video. Today, the website only shows an error message.

The Daily Mail, one of the British newspapers which often report on Prince Harry and Markle’s activities was reportedly the first to write about the incident. Twitter users were the first ones to spot the website’s problem though.

New Foundation

The couple with their almost-one-year-old son

Archewell appears to be part of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s efforts to carry on their charitable efforts after leaving their posts as senior royals. It is reportedly named after their son, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.

The couple also shared that the ‘Arche’ in the organization’s name also means ‘source of action’ in Greek. They then revealed that the foreign word, in turn, inspired the boy’s name.

In a statement, Prince Harry and Markle expressed their excitement to finally launch Archewell but also said that it would happen when the time is right. Sources say that the couple was initially planning to brand their foundation as ‘Sussex Royal’.

They had to change their plans though as the Queen reportedly banned them from selling themselves as ‘royals’ after leaving the monarchy. The couple also seems to have stopped accessing their Sussex Royal Instagram account, which has over 11 million followers.

Tabloid Sentiment

The couple were subjected to scrutiny by newspapers, which began while they were just dating

One particular aspect of the cyber prank that interested people is the choice of song that the hackers made. They seem to be accusing Markle of a similar sentiment that tabloids have been circulating about the former actress. It appears that they were implying that the 38-year-old humanitarian married her prince husband for something other than just love.

It’s also worth noting that the couple is reportedly filing lawsuits against some newspapers. Prince Harry has also previously voiced his criticism of media outlets that seem to be holding a ‘ruthless campaign’ against his wife.

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