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Everything You Need to Know About Yo-Yo Dieting and Why It is Bad for Your Health

Losing weight is not a walk in the park, we can all agree. But the bigger challenge here is keeping the extra pounds off for good because there is such a thing as the yo-yo dieting.

Those who have successfully shed the extra weight off but found themselves gaining back what they have lost understand this concept too well. Yo-yo dieting is actually that – an unhealthy cycle when your weight fluctuates constantly, which will have adverse effects on your health.

With all the restrictive diets you tried just to lose weight for that important event, know that unsustainable eating habits can lead to yo-yo dieting. It may be hard to stop the cycle but it is not impossible at all.

Janice Lin/unsplash
Unsustainable eating habits can trigger yo-yo dieting

University of Fribourg professor Jean-Pierre Montani revealed that the secret to shedding off the pounds permanently is to gradually approach an eating program. This means that you should have a long-term plan instead of fast-tracking the process.

Small Steps to Stop Yo-yo Dieting

Instead of drinking soda, always opt for water even when dining out. Drink a big glass of this zero-calorie beverage before eating and avoid being dehydrated because there are a lot of times when your body just wants H2O rather than food.

Manki Kim/unsplash
Drinking water and avoiding takeouts are small steps in avoiding the cycle

Also, exert an extra effort to make your own food at home rather than ordering takeouts. Fast food meals tend to have many preservatives and chemicals and are usually greasy, which is why it easily adds up to the weight.

Avoid refined sugars as well because it shoots up your body mass index. Eat loads of vegetables to keep you feeling full for longer periods, the doctor added.

In terms of your favorite unhealthy food, it is better if you don’t skip them at all. The best thing to do is to cut your portions.

Adverse Effects of Yo-yo Dieting

If you repeatedly fall into yo-yo dieting, there’s a chance you will develop binge-eating disorder, wherein you eat large amounts of food in one go without control. According to one study, those who tried a lot of eating programs have a high risk of suffering from this condition.

It’s also bad for your heart rate, blood pressure, kidney function, and blood sugar because these shoot up once you regain weight rapidly. If you constantly do this, it can be extremely dangerous for your heart and other organs.

Mockup Graphics/unsplash
You’ll see the effect of constant weight fluctuations in your blood pressure

This means that crash dieting is never the solution to keeping your weight off for good. In fact, it could even make you gain more pounds, which is why it is advised to set realistic goals.

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