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Clever Money Saving Tips To Get You Through 2022 And Deliver Big Returns In The Long Run

You may be familiar with simple money-saving tips such as bringing your lunch to work, buying your items from seasonal sales, or shutting off all your unnecessary electronic appliances at home. This means that just about anyone can easily save money with proper planning and discipline. However, for those who are looking for more advanced financial tips, here are more creative ways to save for the long run and finally achieve those savings goals that seemed out of reach:

Join loyalty programs

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Loyalty cards are provided by major chains of stores or restaurants and can grant you access to member-only specials and manufacturer coupons. For example, Whole Foods provides its customers with premium membership and a sale on 40 sale items if they are subscribed to Amazon Prime. Similarly, such loyalty cards can help you save money on gas, food, retail markets, and even shopping. 

Plan your weekly meal

This may sound boring, but once you try it, you’ll realize that you can gain more control over your food intake and cravings and save hundreds of bucks every day. Sit down by the end of every week and plan out your meals according to your groceries. This would help eliminate excessive grocery shopping and let items go to waste. More importantly, you would spend less on taxes and tips that you would have to pay in a diner. 

Get student discounts

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If you are a student, you can enjoy free items and special discounts at food chains and brands. Even entertainment platforms such as Amazon Prime, Spotify, and Hulu have separate student bundles that are quite cheaper than the usual discount deals. 

Delay gratification

Develop a 48-hour rule to prevent impulse buying. Before logging in to your account number for online shopping or swiping your card at a retail store, determine if you “want” the item or if you “need” the item. Don’t spend your money on luxurious items you could easily live without. The 48-hour rule may even help you to find a similar product at a much cheaper cost. Similarly, log out all your account details from your accounts on your phone or PC. 

Pay off your debts or loans

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Get into the habit of clearing all your debts, loans or mortgage as soon as possible. If you own your house, try to get a lower mortgage deal with a low-interest rate. Similarly, switch your credit cards to a lower interest rate to help you save more than spending on extra and unnecessary expenses.

DIY project

Gift items that you could have easily made at home or other purchases and items that you could have made yourself with a little bit of skill development can save up the additional cost you’ve to spend on your family and friends. Apps such as Pinterest help you find more creative, easier, and cheaper ways to express your love through hand-made gifts. Plus, that item then holds a special sentimental and personal value over expensive gifts. People appreciate personalized gift items, so feel free to play creative for birthday gifts, housewarming gifts, Christmas, etc. 

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