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Tom Hanks Has a New Pen Pal Whose Name is Ironically Corona

Tom Hanks is one of the most beloved actors in Hollywood today. In fact, it seems that he has already inherited the title for America’s Dad from disgraced actor Bill Cosby.

That’s why it isn’t surprising that he and his wife Rita Wilson received overwhelming support from the public when they announced their COVID-19 diagnosis in March. And now that he has recovered, Hanks is back to spreading good vibes.

Australian Pen Pal

Juriah Mosin/Shutterstock — DeVries reportedly sent his letter when the couple was recovering in Queensland in March

The ‘A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood’ star has gained a new friend and pen pal from across the world after they exchanged some pretty heartwarming letters.

It all started when an Australian boy named Corona DeVries wrote to Hanks and Wilson wishing them a speedy recovery from the deadly virus. The eight-year-old also shared how he was being bullied due to his name.

While he loved his first name, he has turned sad and angry as his schoolmates began teasing him and calling him coronavirus during the onset of the pandemic.

DeVries’ family, meanwhile, shared that the boy wanted to send Hanks a letter because he was a fan of his Woody character in the ‘Toy Story’ series. And Hanks didn’t disappoint.

Kind Response

Robert H Ellis/Shutterstock — Hanks also sent a Corona brand typewriter to his penpal

He wrote back to DeVries even addressing his fan as ‘Dear friend Corona’. The actor began by saying how wonderful he and Wilson felt upon receiving his letter. What’s more, he thanked the boy for being a good friend to him and that reading the letter made him feel better even though he’s already recovered from the virus.

But the star didn’t stop there. He also sent DeVries a very thoughtful gift in the form of the typewriter Hanks had with him at the Gold Coast University Hospital after he was diagnosed.

The gift also included some stationery and self-addressed envelopes.He then instructed the boy to learn how to use it so he can write him back with a letter typewritten on it. Hanks ended his letter writing ‘You’ve got a friend in me’ in reference to the ‘Toy Story’ movies’ theme song.

Tom and Corona

Featureflash Photo Agency/Shutterstock — The couple has since recovered from the illness

It can be remembered that Hanks and Wilson were among the first celebrities to come out with their COVID-19 diagnosis. They are now back home in the United States after spending three weeks in Australia to self-isolate and recover.

Since then, he and his wife have volunteered their blood and plasma for research in hopes that the antibodies they developed could be used in a vaccine.

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