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Adele Dedicates BRIT Award to Son Angelo Her Former Husband, Simon In An Emotional Acceptance Speech

Singer Adele Laurie Blue Adkins is a British singer and songwriter who has sold millions of albums worldwide and won 15 Grammy awards and an Oscar. Adele is widely popular for her soulful, emotive voice and traditionally crafted songs that reflect English pop culture.

She loved to sing contemporary pop music and learned to play the guitar and the clarinet as a child. In her early teens, she began considering a professional musical career and first started off by posting songs and covers on “Myspace”. Her strong voice eventually caught the attention of record labels, and in 2006 she signed her first contract with XL Recordings. 

Merve/ Pexels | Adele’s album “21” is one of the best-selling albums of all time in both the UK and the US

Adele’s music journey 

Adele’s first two albums, “19” and “21,” earned her critical praise and a level of commercial success that surpassed her peers. She rose from anonymity to becoming one of the best-selling singers of all time and holds three Guinness World Records for keeping her songs number one on the international charts for up to 25 weeks! Her album “21” was named album of the year in 2011 and consisted of soulful music and top billboard chart songs, such as “Rolling in the Deep”, “Rumour Has It” and “Someone Like You”.

Even her single “Hello”  was an epic track that showcased her soaring voice and debuted at Number One on Billboard’s pop charts. This became her fourth chart-topper and made history as the first single to receive more than 1 million downloads in a week’s time. The song remained at No. 1 for multiple weeks in the United States as well. 

Ian Hughes/ Flickr | Adele is one of the world’s best-selling music artists, with sales of over 120 million records

Husband and Child

In early 2011, Adele met her former husband, Simon Konecki, who is also the founder of Life water and the charity Drop4Drop. A year later, Adele announced her pregnancy with Angelo Adkins, and in an interview, she announced that Angelo came into her life during a time of stability. In early 2017, Adele was spotted wearing a wedding band which sparked her marriage rumors. Later that year, in her Grammy award acceptance speech, she confirmed her marriage with Simon; however, the couple filed for a divorce a year later.

Her divorce was finalized in 2021. In an interview with Oprah Winfrey during her “One Night Only” CBS special show Adele explained that her marriage with Konecki didn’t last however, she does give him credit for saving her life and bringing Angelo into their lives. The couple’s divorce was finalized in March of 2021, a few months before Adele released her fourth groundbreaking album, 30. 

Maël BALLAND/ Pexels | Adele wrote her debut hit “Hometown Glory” in 10 minutes

In the 2022 BRITs awards, Adele won the top three prizes, taking home awards for artist of the year, the album of the year, 30, and the British song of the year for its lead single “Easy on Me’. in her award acceptance speech she tributed her performance and success to her son and her ex-husband for being so supportive and patient with her throughout her journey.

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