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Making the Jump from High School to NBA Is Now an Option, But There’s a Catch

Playing for the National Basketball Association (NBA) is a dream perhaps all young ballers have. The typical route to reach the major league usually involves being scouted once an athlete has completed at least a year playing for their college’s team.
This may soon change though as basketball players are offered the chance to skip college altogether.

Minor League Terms

The 18-year-old athlete played for Prolific Prep and the San Joaquin Memorial High School

Well, the thing is that those high school players who show exceptional skills on the court will likely be the only ones to enjoy this career fast track to the NBA’s G League. Case in point is top prospects like Isaiah Todd and Jalen Green, who have both reportedly agreed to the G League terms.

Various sources speculate that Green, who is reportedly the No. 1 basketball recruit this year, will fetch some $500,000 to $700,000 from his contract with NBA’s minor league. In total though, his earnings will likely reach $1 million considering the potential endorsement deals he will score along the way.

Monitoring Elite Talent

Abdur-Rahim became president of the G League in 2018

It looks like these efforts from the NBA is a way for them to deal with the trend of high school seniors leaving to play for a team abroad. Thus, G League president Shareef Abdur-Rahim believes that the ‘professional path program’ would offer an option for players who have no plans of attending college at all.

Abdur-Rahim, who played for the NBA for over a decade himself, said that it would benefit Green to stay within the NBA system if he wants to someday be drafted. It’s also worth noting that both the seasoned athlete and the young player are under the same agent, Aaron Goodwin from the Goodwin Sports Management.

Blow to the NCAA

The NCAA basketball tournament has been canceled due to coronavirus fears

While the program would certainly have numerous advantages for the NBA, it may also have some effects on the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). Some are speculating that the G League’s more straightforward career path offer may lead to high school players, elite or not, to skip going to college.

This means less excellent players for the college teams in the NCAA’s basketball tournament. Despite this possible outcome though, sports agency executive Roger Montgomery said that the G League’s program shouldn’t be interpreted as a way to take down the NCAA.

It’s also worth noting that signing on for the program would come with potential downsides as well. For example, underperformance or injuries suffered in the G League might totally crush a player’s draft stock.

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