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This Custom Automaker Turned a Ford Truck into a Luxury Ride and Its Interior Look Unbelievable

Not every millionaire can afford to own a private jet. That doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy the same experience even though they’re on land though. Those who can afford the six-figure price tag can get something like the G-77 Sky Master, a luxury camper that can pass off as a luxury jet.

First of Its Kind

A look inside the G-77 Sky Master, jet-like interiors

It’s quite hard to categorize what the G-77 Sky Master really is given that it is the first of its kind. Is it a trailer? An RV? Maybe its creator, Lexani Motorcars, can clear things up. The California-based custom car maker describes their masterpiece as the ‘world’s first hyper-luxury transporter’.

Among the 10-meter long vehicle’s most interesting features is that it was built on the Ford F-550. It boasts of not only being an opulent ride but also offering its owners both utility and comfort. Safe to say, Lexani Motorcars believes that it’s built a product that has features never before seen in a transporter.

Traveling in Style

The all-white interiors are lighted with relaxing warm-hued lights

Inside the G-77 Sky Master, one would find a mix of luxury and comfort with its Italian leather seats and entertainment system. Each of the six seats in the vehicle is customized and provides travelers with the convenience of adjustable footrests and a heating massage as they make their way to their destination. Further building on its promise of jet travel on land, the vehicle comes complete with airline-style tray tables.

As for the entertainment side, the G-77 Sky Master features a curved 65-inch ultra HD television for passengers’ viewing pleasure. It also comes with Apple products such as iPads and mini Mac computers, which can reportedly be used for video conferences. What more, the luxury RV is fitted with a 360-security monitoring system to ensure the safety of its passengers.

For On-the-Go Executives

The bar section of the G-77 Sky Master

Further proof that the G-77 Sky Master would be a great fit for business executives on-the-go is its VIP boardroom, which can double as a resting area after important meetings. The room has a set of two couches that can be transformed into a bed with just one press of a button. One won’t go hungry while traveling neither as the RV has its own kitchen complete with some gold-plated hardware.

As can be expected all of these features come with a hefty price tag. The G-77 Sky Master reportedly sells for $1 million. While certainly not cheap at all, this price point is more affordable than buying and spending upkeep on a private jet, which can go anywhere from $3 million to $90 million.

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