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The Real Life Gossip Girl: Deuxmoi

Even those who claim to have no interest in the entertainment fancy themselves a good Hollywood rumor. Celebrity rumor is something that makes us feel alive no matter how much we deny it, whether it’s turmoil between two movie stars, dirt from an A-lister, or a behind-the-scenes scoop that puts you right in the middle of the action.


Who, after all, can resist getting the inside scoop on a celebrity’s most recent breakup or overhyped star being shrunk to size? Whether the gossip accounts are verified or not, 800,000 people still follow @deuxmoi, a private-but-not-really Instagram account that started crowdsourcing and spreading authentic celebrity rumors in March 2021. 


However, @deuxmoi isn’t the only website leaking information; there are dozens of celebrity gossip websites with large social media followings that are reviving the gossip industry.

What is Deuxmoi?

LightRocket/ Getty Images | @deuxmoi and accounts like it are simply there to provide entertainment


With over 300,000 followers, Deuxmoi is a popular Instagram account for celebrity rumors. They frequently post screenshots of direct messages (DMs) and emails they have received from their followers in their Instagram Stories. These could be anecdotes about encounters the submitter had with famous people, those of their friends, or tales they learned second or third-hand.


Along with the account, there are also very active Facebook groups and Reddit threads where fans can engage in a more in-depth discussion of specific rumors, such as a celebrity snapping at a staff member of a fancy candle shop or claims that a particular high-profile relationship is fake. Deuxmoi also publishes a newsletter.


The developer of DeuxMoi stated in a Vanity Fair profile from last year that the concept mainly started because she was bored while in confinement. One day, she posted screenshots of the direct messages she received after asking her readers of an old-style blog she maintained whether they had any first- or second-hand celebrity stories. This included information concerning Leondardo DiCaprio’s extramarital affairs and a note purportedly from an ex-girlfriend of Jonah Hill, and things progressed from there.

Ben White/ Unsplash | The concept for the account started as a simple appeal for followers to share any celebrity interactions


DeuxMoi quickly rose to the top of the internet’s most interesting locations due to everyone being cooped up in their houses, becoming increasingly upset by the news, and seeking solace. And since, it has increased.

What kind of gossip can you find on Deuxmoi?

The answer? Very diverse. There are a tonne of “Real Housewives” rumors out there, as well as stories from self-described “insiders” that reveal surprising, clandestine celebrity hookups. Many readers just write in to report seeing a particular celebrity on the street; occasionally, they even include a blurry photo as proof. 

Deuxmoi/ Instagram | Self-described “curators of pop culture,” the account is set to private


Others go on to describe love or sexual encounters they’ve had with the rich and famous. There is also a lot of talk about whether a celebrity is kind or cruel. However, in general, the rumors are varied. You’ll find articles on a wide range of topics, from what skincare products Jennifer Aniston uses to which comic won’t insult unshorn ladies.


On Deuxmoi, there are also what we could refer to as “verticals,” which are essentially in-depth analyses of certain rumors. For instance, a few days’ worth of stories will be devoted to “celebs who dine together,” featuring sightings of unexpected celebrity pairings. Alternatively, “stories from the sky” will feature accounts from airline employees. Deuxmoi typically runs a delicate and gloomy piece about a celebrity as a blind piece.

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