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You Won’t Believe What Barack Obama Likes to Eat on His Cheat Days

Running an entire country isn’t an easy job. With hundreds of millions of people depending on them, every decision and move they make matter.

Former president of the United States Barack Obama has lived through this experience. In fact, he spent eight years doing so.

One way the leader coped with his responsibilities is through food. And he ate a wide variety of it.

Healthy Favorite

Pete Souza/Wikimedia Commons
Obama reportedly picked the vegetable to set an example for children to eat a healthier diet

While he enjoys a good burger every now and then like regular citizens, Obama says his favorite food is broccoli. He revealed this fun fact in 2013 during an event for children.

What he forgot to share though it seems is how he preferred to eat this healthy favorite. He did emphasize to the children present at the event how food can be both healthy and fun.

It’s also worth noting that Obama and his wife Michelle were known for their healthy eating habits. The former First Lady even had a vegetable garden on the White House grounds.

Funny enough, another former president George H.W. Bush had the opposite opinion on the vegetable and didn’t like how it tasted. Back in the ‘90s, he even expressed that he hasn’t eaten broccoli since he was a child and probably won’t be eating it ever again.

Cheat Day Treat

Of course, there are times when the former leader indulges in not-so-healthy treats. And it seems that he also enjoys an order of chili-dog with cheese fries and sweet tea.

He notably visited Ben’s Chili Bowl, a landmark Washington eatery, and got that exact meal before he was inaugurated. By doing so, he helped usher in a wave of new diners and tourists visiting the establishment.

Obama isn’t the only famous black person who’s enjoyed the food at Ben’s. Comedians like Kevin Hart and Bill Cosby have notably stopped by the joint to have a meal.

Unfortunately, Obama hasn’t shared much of what his favorite food is now that he’s no longer in office.

Other Top Choices

Pete Souza/Wikimedia Commons
The Obamas reportedly ordered pizza often when they were still in the White House

Other foods that the ex-president has been noted to eat often are pizza, salmon, and chips dipped in guacamole.

His love of pizza reportedly began during his campaign. As the story goes, Obama asked a staff member to go out for some pizza and got a deep dish version.

That was enough for him to get hooked. He even invited the owners of the pizza place, Pi Pizzeria, to visit Washington D.C., so they could make the Italian staple together.

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