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A Viral Twitter Thread Exposed an Ugly Side of Ellen DeGeneres You’ve Never Seen Before

Comedian and host Ellen DeGeneres is one of the few celebrities who’s universally loved by all. She’s known for her sunny personality and remains to be an inspiration to many people, especially to members of the LGBTQ community.

However, it looks like there’s more to her than what she shows the public. And now, people are beginning to ‘expose’ her not-so-kind ways.

‘Notorious’ Reputation

Porter is also a podcast host working on programs like ‘Good Christian Fun’ and ‘Gilmore Guys’

Everything began when another comedian, Kevin T. Porter, went on Twitter to ask netizens for stories regarding DeGeneres. He prefaced his message saying how DeGeneres always tells people to be kind to one another.

Porter, later on, described the 62-year-old talk show host as ‘notoriously one of the meanest people alive’. What sets his thread apart from others though is the podcaster’s promise to donate $2 to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank for each of the stories he will receive. So far, his call resulted in almost 2,000 replies from Twitter users.

He did admit that it was difficult for him to verify each entry and tell the truth from fiction. Porter said he ended up giving $600 to the cause after accounting for 300 stories shared with him.

Fan Perspective

Acevedo with her bust of DeGeneres

There were certainly many standouts in the original tweet’s reply section. One of them is the story of a fan, Danielle Acevedo, who revealed that she once sent in a bust of DeGeneres for a contest that ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ did at the time.

She was just a teen then and was a fan of the comedian. That’s why it was disappointing for her to spot her creation being given away by the host a few weeks later as a prop in the game.

Acevedo even posted photographic evidence of her artwork and the screenshots of the episode where it appeared. Unfortunately, Acevedo’s story seems to be one of many where DeGeneres, directly and indirectly, showed her ugly side.

Bad Employer

Some people also claimed that the star would only be kind to other big celebrities

There were also those who listed stories of the ‘Finding Dory’ actress being a bad employer. One user, Benjamin Siemon, shared that DeGeneres was known for having a ‘sensitive nose’ and would make staff chew gum first before entering her office.

Worse, she reportedly has no problem sending people home to shower if she thinks that they ‘smell’. Siemon also revealed that she would pick one staff member to be mean to every day leading her employees to just ‘suck it up’ at work.

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